A kitchen with food laying out, easily accessible A hungry mouse!
Avoid using too much bait! Overbaiting make it easier for rodents to grab bait and run. In addition, applying too much bait means it may easily get on the electronic plates, which can decrease the effectiveness and prevent the trap from triggering. Try to use a very small amount of sticky bait that will remain inside the bait cup, such as peanut butter or hazelnut spread.
Rodents are very suspicious of new things in their environment. To get them used to the trap, place the baited trap out without setting it for a few days. Once you’ve noticed the bait has been eaten a few times, it’s time to activate the trap. Rodents will be comfortable with their new food source and fall prey. It’s also important to avoid using bait that is easy to steal.
What do the lights mean?
 A green blinking light indicates a rodent has been caught and it’s time to empty your trap.  A red blinking light alerts you when the battery power is low and it’s time to insert new ones.
 When you turn on the trap, the light will flash green to indicate it’s working.  When a kill is made, a red light will flash every 7 seconds to let you know it is time to empty the trap.  When the batteries are running low, the red light will blink rapidly to let you know the batteries need replaced.
 Each time the trap catches a rat, the light on top of the trap flashes green to indicate a kill.  When it's time to change the batteries, the light will flash red.
Note: If you have the old version of the Rat Zapper® Classic (with the plug), the light will flash red for all alerts instead of green.
Rat Zapper
Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap Victor® Multi-Kill™ Electronic Mouse Trap
 When you turn the trap on, the light will flash once to let you know it’s working.  A steady blinking green light indicates a rodent has been caught.  A steady blinking yellow light means your trap is full and it’s time to empty the kill chamber.  A rapidly blinking red light indicates there could be a problem with your trap.  A slow blinking red light alerts you when the battery power is low and it’s time to insert new ones.
Victor Electronic Trap outside, in the elements Victor Electronic Trap Outdoors, with lighting bolts showing danger when left outside in the elements Glowing Green Light on Victor Electronic Trap
Can I use it outdoors? Nope. Electronic traps are not designed for outdoors, as these spaces are prone to dampness. Water damage could interfere with the functionality of the trap and cause it to stop working. Traps should be placed indoors on flat, dry surfaces! Want this trap? Shop here »
Will my electronic traps work on squirrels and chipmunks? Well … Electronic traps have only been tested on mice and rats. They are not designed for use with squirrels and chipmunks. Shop Squirrel & Chipmunk Solutions »
Chipmunks relieved that the trap was not designed for them Chipmunks relieved that the trap was not designed for them
Will an electronic rat trap work on mice? Maybe, but … Mice are much lighter than rats, so sometimes they will not be able to trigger the trap. Many times they will eat the bait and walk away without setting it off. Shop Mouse Traps »

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