A mouse, and an outlet with a Victor PestChaser plugged in A mouse, and an outlet with a Victor PestChaser plugged in

How to Repel Mice and Rats

With proper placement and prevention methods, repellents deter mice and rats by irritating one or more of their senses.

How Ultrasound Works

The Victor® PestChaser® emits ultrasound at varying volumes and varying frequencies. These variations prevent rodents from becoming accustomed to the ultrasound and creates an unfriendly environment that discourages infestation. Graph showing the PestChaser uses sound in frequencies mice can hear but humans cannot Graph showing the PestChaser uses sound in frequencies mice can hear but humans cannot The ultrasound outputs at a volume which is generally the human equivalent of a rock concert or power tools. To mice, the PestChaser is as loud as a rock concert. To mice, the PestChaser is as loud as a rock concert.
Peppermint leaves

How Scent Repellents Work

Peppermint is a non-toxic, poison-free method of repelling mice. Rodents are very sensitive to smell and prefer to avoid an area where the peppermint scent is very strong. The repellent is made with natural, essential oils and will not harm humans or pets.
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Why & Where to Use Each Type of Repellent

Less is not more when it comes to rodent control. The more types of repellents you use throughout your home or business, the less inviting your property becomes for rodents.
The inside of a drawer
Small Indoor Spaces Keep your cabinets, drawers and other small spaces smelling minty fresh while also keeping mice and rats away with non-toxic, poison-free scent sachets. Shop Small Space Repellents »
A garage space with shelves and cabinets
Large Indoor Spaces Protect your garage and attic spaces with the plug-in scent repellent that keeps rodents at bay with a powerful, non-toxic mint scent. Shop Large Space Repellents »
A PestChaser next to a clothes washing machine
Medium Indoor Spaces Ultrasonic repellents, like PestChasers®, keep your living spaces free from mice and rats by emitting a high frequency noise that irritates mice but remains inaudible to humans. Shop Medium Space Repellents »
A yellow house
Outdoor Perimeter Outdoor liquid and granular repellents are a non-toxic, poison-free method of rodent control that send mice and rats scurrying before they get a chance to seek shelter in your home. Shop Outdoor Repellents »

Drive Rodents Away With A

3-Step Proactive Approach

1 Trap
A Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Infestations need to be eliminated quickly to regain control of your property. Use any kind of trap ranging from snap traps to electronic traps to rid your home or business of these pests. Shop Traps »
2 Repel
A Victor PestChaser Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent Once your infestation is under control and rodents have been eliminated, prevent them from coming back by removing attractants like easily accessible food. Then, use repellents to keep them away. Shop Repellents »
3 Monitor
A VIctor Tin-Cat Live Mouse Trap Stay ahead of any rodent problem by keeping a close watch on the situation. Use a baited Tin Cat® to identify a rodent problem before it becomes serious. Shop Tin Cat® »

Facts vs. Myths About Repellents

A dead cockroach, flipped onto its back
Myth: Ultrasonic Repellents Work on Insects down arrow Fact: Ultrasonic repellents are scientifically proven to repel mice and other rodents. There is no scientific data to show the repellents also work on insects.
Myth: You Can Beat an Infestation with One Method down arrow Fact: Infestations are tough to eliminate because they are so widespread. Repellents are the most effective in their immediate area only and cannot be effective through walls. To drive out all mice, it is best to first trap them and then prevent their return with repellents.
A Victor Electronic Mouse Trap
Pantry shelves, full of food
Myth: Repellents Are 100% Effective down arrow Fact: There are several reasons mice will suffer through smelling peppermint and irritating noises. Starvation, the presence of babies, and easily available food will give pests the motivation they need to push past irritating smells. Keep attractants, such as desirable food and nesting materials, safely locked away to prevent mice from being tempted to cross your repellent barriers.
Myth: Ultrasonic Repellents Work Through Walls down arrow Fact: While repellents are powerful tools, they do have specific limits. Walls absorb sound and smells which prevents them from spreading from room to room. Place repellents in multiple rooms to keep mice out of your house entirely instead of just one room.
Diagram of the interior of a house
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